Our ADAS Services

Our comprehensive ADAS service includes several key steps to ensure your system functions optimally:

  1. System Diagnostic and Analysis: We begin with a thorough diagnostic check to understand any issues or recalibrations needed in your vehicle’s ADAS.
  2. Sensor and Camera Inspection: Our technicians meticulously inspect all sensors and cameras for damage, alignment, and cleanliness, as these are critical for the system’s accuracy.
  3. Software Updates: We update your vehicle’s software to the latest version, ensuring all ADAS features function with the newest enhancements and fixes.
  4. Calibration and Alignment: Using state-of-the-art equipment, we perform precise calibration and alignment of ADAS components to manufacturer specifications.
  5. Road Test and Verification: Post-service, a road test is conducted to verify that all ADAS features are functioning correctly and reliably.
  6. Customer Education: We take the time to educate you about your vehicle’s ADAS features, how they operate, and how to maintain them for optimal performance.

By choosing our services, you ensure that your vehicle’s ADAS system receives the care and expertise it deserves, keeping you safer on the road.